What Is the Leadership Impact of the Russian Cyberattack on U.S. Public and Private Sector Organizations?

This past week’s revelation of a sophisticated nation state actor’s supply chain and post-exploitation cyberattacks of a Fortune 100 corporation and multiple U.S. federal government agencies has created silent chaos and the fear of the unknown for many executives in…

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The Post-SolarWinds Cyberattack Reckoning Is Coming

Executive leadership teams beware!  If you thought your lack of cybersecurity leadership knowledge was never going to impact you, you are mistaken. The post-SolarWinds cybersecurity disaster and impact on both publicly traded companies and federal government agencies will change the…

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An Executive’s Cyber Leadership Perspective: The SEC filing of the SolarWinds Cyberattack and its Potential Impact of 33,000 Client Organizations.

A review of the December 14, 2020 SolarWinds SEC filing regarding this nation state cyberattack states it has over 300,000 customers.  This cyberattack exposed up to 33,000 Orion product customers which were active maintenance customers which may have received the trojanized updates. …

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Nation State Actors Compromised SolarWinds IT Update Infrastructure

The Cyberattack by a Sophisticated Nation State Actor On December 13, 2020, DHS CISA and media outlets reported a highly sophisticated nation state cyber threat actor had conducted a supply chain attack which compromised the SolarWinds Orion Platform software versions released between…

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The Consequences To An Organization’s Board Of Directors, Executive Management, and Internal Audit Function As A Result Of A Cyber Breach Of Their Organization’s Cloud Environment

What is the cost of a cyber breach of an organization's insecure cloud environment? On July 19, 2019, Capital One reported during March 2019 a cyber threat actor gained access to their infrastructure via a configuration vulnerability.  The cyber threat…

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